New Year’s Resolutions

                      Since I didn’t do my new Year resolutions before New Years', I gave myself a new rule to make it in January. I have not used this time well. If I don’t use my time well in January, what makes me think I will use my time well from February to December?   However, I may use this time to do the reverse. Many people set New Years Resolutions, and start strong, doing their goals, and then give up before spring. Maybe, I don't have to beat myself up for starting late.

                      What are my goals?

                      I only have a minute before midnight, so I am going to have to post what I can and complete this goal.

                      Get more into sports.
                               Play soccer out in the fields, with some other dudes
                      Get into music again. I don't feel the drive right now to join a band or learn another instrument. But if I get involved in music again, by either joining a choir or orchestra, I will feel much better.
                      Hold down a job. Don’t lose your job again. Build more marketable skills, and don’t let what happened last year happened again.
                      Save up money to potentially move out of your parent’s house. I came back to my parents’ house after living alone since age 19. I need to get my place. There are too many ideological differences between my dad and me, we think differently and have different goals. Moreover, I am kind of in the way.
                      Cook more, and do more handy work. Since my parents have been gracious to allow me back here, which I don’t deserve, I should try to help cook more, and do some more handy work and projects. Whenever my mind is wandering and constantly thinking about all kinds of things, I can do some Manuel work like cleaning dishes or working in the garden.

                      Daily exercises. By this, I mean 6 times a weak. One day to not worry about it.

                      Call businesses, talk to people. Want to know how to get employed at a high-quality company? Ask people questions. Don’t be afraid. I have wasted countless hours. I can’t get them back. I am just glad I still have time to change.  

                      Spend less time on the internet. The internet has done immense damage to people’s minds. It is good to spend less time on it. 
    Start Internet blog. Already doing it. 

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