First Daily Blog Challenge

I made a post almost a month ago, which I deleted. I mentioned doing a post a day challenge. I am going to start again. It was at 10:45 Pacific Time that I started writing and I want to put one post out before going to sleep.
I enjoyed Thanksgiving this year, being with my family, and eating delicious food. One thing, though, that bothered me was how I didn’t feel extremely energetic. I felt like I needed more sleep shortly after waking up. One simple problem was that I hadn’t gotten to sleep until one o’clock. In the past I used to feel bad about staying up late, now it seems time goes by and I wonder how I will ever get anything done.
This is a foolish way to think, but it is honest. I don’t want to be like this. I don’t want to be a person who is ashamed of how little I have accomplished. I should no longer be in denial about my failings.
No man should be an island to himself. One of the reasons I am making a blog is because I feel it is good for me. I need public exposure. It is good for me to get exposure to the world. I don’t believe my blog will do much to influence other people, although some may read what I write and find it helpful. I mainly am writing this blog for myself; to challenge myself, and prepare myself to face the public.
In this blog, I will admit my failings and shortcomings. I will use this blog to improve myself.

Studies show that the Internet is Afffectiving our Brain.

When a change of my is instant, a person will notice. A person can be aware that one minute ago, he was looking forward to flying out on vacation and another minute ago finding his flight is canceled; people will notice how they felt before their test scores come out and then after. Moods can change suddenly when life events change suddenly. But what is harder to notice a person’s mind and beliefs change slowly over time. Advertisements seek to alter a person’s perception of a product so that a person is more susceptible to buying a product.
So much of what is on Television and the Internet has been changing altering the way people think. Beliefs, actions, and behaviors, that people exhibit today in 2020 May actually of the past. Imagine what people 1700s hundreds or 1800s, or maybe as recently as 1920 would feel about people today? I say this not to judge people around me, but because I personally feel that TV and the Internet have not been good for me. I feel have a weaker focus. I think that I have spent a lot of time stuck in my head, forgetting to focus on more important things.
On my 27th birthday this year, I screamed at myself for all the wasted time I have spent. I felt I could have accomplished much more. I can’t get back the time I have wasted. I realize I will be 30 in 3 years. What will I have accomplished? However, in 3 years it could be the same thing over again. I hope tath when I am 30 I will have used the time well.
I have so many thoughts going through my head. I feel that if I just sat and wrote for hours.
The Internet has long been known to affect people’s ability to focus. It is also known to make people more lonely and angrier. Computer screens are known to be bad for the eyes. There are many things, bad about the Internet. So much of the time I have spent on the Internet is seeking knowledge. I am constantly reading about politics, history, news, and all kinds of topics that interest me. But, I want to be more productive. I want to improve myself. I don’t want to just learn.
Whatever I do I want to change my habits. Forget about the things of the past; forget about the time wasted. Today I will do things differently. I will post this as my first in a daily blog challenge.

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