Downsides of Facebook.

1 Artificial Socializing
It is like not like meeting people in real life; it cannot replace face-to-face human interactions. Facebook may not actually be real friends. It did a test; I sent out facebook request to many people I didn’t know and many of them accepted my facebook request anyway.

2 Time-Waster
It is easy to waste time on the website. Rarely do people on my timeline share valuable information.

3 Shallowness
Facebook is often a place to share political views, whether that should be the case is another matter, and there is a problem: proper political discussions should be long and well thought out. Facebook is a horrible place to have serious discussion. Everything has to be short; if a long post is shared it will often not be read.

4 People say things on the Facebook, that they wouldn’t say to someone in real life. It is proper to speak to people in person that make some angry rant at them on the internet.

5 Phoniness
People often build an online personality that is fake or misleading. The emphasize the good and leave out the bad.

6 Lack of Accountability
People often don’t say what they really think on Facebook. While some will attack other people and not speak to them in real life, other people will get angry and not say anything. Poeple than won’t gain any self-awareness. It is often hard to know what people are thinking.

People will often say whatever will get them likes and what is necessarily right. Not a surprising fact, but not a positive one either.

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